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PG Certificate Programme (except DTC and MPhil students)

Year 1: One core module and one optional module (usually Team Working in a Research Environment).


Years 2 and 3: 2 core modules and 2 optional modules


Optional Module 1

Optional Module 2

Optional Modules

CH953 Team Working in a Research Environment (1st Year)  CH961 Introduction to Teaching for Postgraduates in the Sciences
CH954 Science communication  CH933 Academic scientific writing: Writing extended scientific articles and reports
CH955 Decision Making and Leadership  CH934 Academic scientific writing: Writing focused scientific articles and reports
PS905 Epistemology and Psychology: the Psychology of Learning (Not available) CH973 Research Ethics and Practice
CH957 Business, Innovation and Commercialisation for Reseachers HR950 Biometry: The application of statistical and mathematical methods to Biosciences (Not available)

CH958 Project management (2nd Year)

Languages (with the Language Centre)

HR903 Bioscience, Politics and Social Acceptability

MA925 Practical Application of Computational Techniques

PG Certificate Programme for DTC students

The programme for MAS DTC students is very similar to the general one, but the options list is reduced:

Year 1


Years 2 and 3


CH954 Science Communication to different audiences
(usually one specified for you)

CH955 Decision Making and Leadership
(usually one specified for you)

You may count other modules for credit by arrangement with your Director of Graduate Studies.

PG Award Programme for MPhil Students

MPhil students are recommended to do the following
Year 1: CH950 Doctoral skills 1, CH953 Teamworking in a Research Environment
Year 2: CH951 Doctoral skills 2 but instead of the 24 month report (which would in effect be their thesis) they should submit a thesis plan and submission timetable at around 18 months, this would be discussed with their advisory panel and feedback would be given at that point.