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Warwick Quantum Day 20th May

Photo of lecture theatre for Warwick Quantum Day

Warwick Quantum Day

We met up in The FAB Building (FAB0.08) to discuss our quantum technology research from 10.30am-3pm on Monday 20th May 2024. Everyone was welcome! The WQ principal investigators gave ten-minute talks about their work and we had a break for lunch.


10.30-11am: Coffee

11-11.10: Welcome

11.10-11.20: Sergii Strelchuk

11.20-11.30: Phytos Neophytos

11.30-11.40: Raj Pandya

11.40-11.50: Sara Sangtarash

11.50-12 noon: Katarzyna Macieszczak

12 noon-12.10: Matthias Caro (online)

12.10-12.20: Maksym Myronov

12.20-12.30: Randa Herzallah 

12.30-1.30: Lunch

1.30-1.40: Rudo Roemer

1.40-1.50: Animesh Datta

1.50-2pm: Reinhard Maurer

2pm-2.10: Dan Fowler and Carsten Maple

2.10-2.20: Daniel Ueltschi

2.20-2.30: Vedran Sohinger

2.30-2.40: Vishal Shah

2.40-2.50: Gavin Morley