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About Us

About the Faculty of Science at Warwick University

Imagine shaping the world’s future through cutting-edge research, pushing the boundaries of innovative thinking, and informing the debate on the introduction of new technologies.

Our departments and research centres guide the engineers, doctors, technologists and science researchers of the future, providing first-class support and training in mathematics, physical and life sciences, engineering, astrophysics and medicine.

This passion and research excellence has fuelled thought-provoking questions like ‘Can we create false memories?’ and 'How should we treat cardiac arrest?'; extraordinary findings like stellar superflares; and medical advances like the world’s first ibuprofen patch.

We’re also working with teachers and schools to prepare the next generation of scientists. Our school resources offer a window into the skills needed for anyone wanting to journey towards a career in science or engineering.

If you’d like to be a part of an inspiring, challenging and pioneering Faculty then join the discussion today.