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Warwick Quantum

Warwick Quantum Logo

Warwick Quantum is a new interdisciplinary research initiative bringing together the quantum technology work in the Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics Departments as well as the Warwick Manufacturing Group. Our vision is to provide a bridge between these areas to make an impact on quantum computing and quantum technologies at all levels, from theory and foundations to hardware and industrial applications.

Faculty Members

Sathyawageeswar Subramanian (Royal Commission 1851 Research Fellow)

Mahshid Delavar (postdoc)

Theodoros Kapourniotis (Postdoc)

Ninad Rajgopal (Postdoc)

Nils Hertl (Postdoc)

Svenja Janke (Postdoc)

Oscar Douglas-Gallardo (Postdoc)

Benedikt Klein (Postdoc)

Sam Hall (Postdoc)

Sharmila Balamurugan (Postdoc)

Elnaz Darsheshdar (Postdoc)

Aiman Khan (Postdoc)

Colin Stephen (Postdoc)

Anis Rahman (Postdoc)

James March (Postdoc)

Immogen Gullick (Postdoc)

Hugo Aaronson (PhD Student)

Marcel Dall'Agnol (PhD Student)

Jamie Friel (PhD Student)

Jack O'Connor (PhD Student)

Georgios Athanasopoulos (PhD Student)

Daniel Corken (PhD Student)

Connor Box (PhD Student)

Billal Sohail (PhD Student)

James Gardner (PhD Student)

Shayantan Chaudhuri (PhD Student)

Wojciech Stark (PhD Student)

Joe Gilkes (PhD Student)

Matthew Stoodley (PhD Student)

Dylan Morgan (PhD Student)

Mariia Radova (PhD Student)

Michael Luya (PhD Student)

Peter Halat (PhD Student)

Andrew Jackson (PhD Student)

Aaron Malcolm (PhD Student)

Ellen Devereux (PhD Student)

Sourav Das (PhD Student)

Georgios Athanasopoulos (PhD Student)

Stuart Graham (PhD Student)

Alex Newman (PhD Student)

Joe Gore (PhD Student)

Karishma Gokani (PhD Student)

Andrew Rout (PhD Student)

Grega Saksida (Phd Student)

Colloquia and Seminars

  • Warwick Quantum Day on Monday 20th May 2024.
  • The Warwick Physics Department Theory Group holds regular seminars which are frequently about quantum technology.