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Abstracts and Conferences

'Action of the NF-Y Transcription Factors in Plant Stress Responses' Poster, 24th ICAR 2013 (Sydney, Australia), 2013

'Action of the NF-Y Transcription Factors in Plant Stress Responses' Oral presentation, Systems Biology DTC Annual Conference, 2013

'Action of the NF-Y Transcription Factors in Plant Stress Responses' Poster, UK PlantSci, 2012 and Plant Systems Biology UK Workshop, 2012

'Network Directed Screening to Identify Key Regulatory Genes in Arabidopsis Leaf Senescence' Poster, 5th European Plant Senescence Network, 2010

‘SINAT6 - A novel gene involved in JA and ABA signalling during leaf senescence in Arabidopsis' Poster, Gordon Research Conference on Plant Senescence, 2008

‘Functional analysis of the role of the SA signalling pathway in Arabidopsis leaf senescence’ Oral presentation, SEB Annual Conference, 2006

‘Post-harvest gene expression in Alstroemeria petals’ Poster, Gordon Research Conference on Plant Senescence, 2004

‘Real-Time PCR analysis of CONSTANS expression’ Poster, SEB Annual Conference, 2003