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Eva Caamano

Welcome to my e-portfolio!

I was part of the 2011 cohort of Systems Biology students at the University of Warwick. I joined after a 5-year degree in Biotechnology in Spain and a short research assistant position in plant science at the University of Warwick. I completed the MSc with merit in 2012 and moved onto a PhD between the University of Warwick and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. I studied the adaptation of the malaria parasite to diet via NMR metabolomics and High content imaging.

During my time at Warwick I also started a collaboration with the Chemistry department, developing new diagnostic tools for resistance surveillance, very exciting!. This collaboration resulted in the award of an Early Research Fellowship to carry on this work in the Gibson lab. You can find more about our research here. I enjoyed this grant from February to October 2016.

I am currently a Data Analyst at the Computational Biology Facility at the University of Liverpool where I collaborate in an assortment of scientific projects and events. We offer public services for data analysis and bespoke training, contact us if you would like to collaborate.

lab Wellesbourne campus, Lab 1.32. Image courtesy of David Garcia Valcarce.


Eva CaamaƱo-Gutierrez

Contact: eva.caamano-gutierrez[at]