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Lucienne Otten


I was born in Wageningen, The Netherlands in 1990 and moved to Cambridgeshire in 1994. From 2008-2011, I studied Animal Science at the University of Nottingham and completed a final year data analysis dissertation entitled ‘Rumination and Methane emissions in Dairy Cows’ under the supervision of Prof. Phil Garnsworthy. From 2011-2012, I carried out an MSc in Systems Biology through the Systems Biology DTC at The University of Warwick funded by the BBSRC. I have recently completed my PhD under the supervision of Dr M.I.Gibson and Dr Brettschneider and I am now training to become a teacher as part of the researchers in schools programme which allows me to continue my research alongside my training. In my spare time I have taught university style tutorials in Biology at low participation schools with the Brilliant Club and I regularly volunteer with St John Ambulance.


(6) Otten, L., Vlachou, D., Richards, S-J., Gibson, M.I. 2016, Analyst. "Glycan Heterogeneity On Gold Nanoparticles Increases Lectin Discrimination Capacity in Label-Free Multiplexed Biossays".


(5) Otten, L., Fullam, E., Gibson, M.I., 2016, Molecular Biosystems. "Discrimination between bacterial species by ratiometricanalysis of their carbohydrate binding profile".

higlighted as a 'hot paper' for 2016

featured in RSC Chemistry World


(4) Richards, S-J., Otten, L., Gibson, M.I. 2016, Journal of Materials Chemistry B. "Glycosylated goldnanoparticle libraries for label-free multiplexed lectin biosensing".


(3) Otten, L., and Gibson, M.I. 2015, RSC Advances. "Discrimination between lectins with similar specificities by ratiometric profiling of binding to glycosylated surfaces; a chemical ‘tongue’ approach".

chemical tongue

(2) Jones, M.W., Otten, L., Richards, S-J., Lowery, R., Phillips D.J., Haddleton D.M., and Gibson M.I. 2014, Chemical Science. "Glycopolymers with secondary binding motifs mimic glycan branching and display bacterial lectin selectivity in addition to affinity".


(1) Otten, L., Richards,S-J., Fullam, E., Besra, G.S., Gibson, M.I. 2013, Journal of Materials Chemistry B. "Gold Nanoparticle-Linked Analysis of Carbohydrate-Protein Interactions, and Polymeric Inhibitors, using Unlabelled Proteins; Easy Measurements Using a ‘Simple’ Digital Camera"

digital camera

Grants Awarded

Travel grant from the Chemistry Biology Interface Division of the RSC (2014).

Travel grant from IBCarb (2015).

Oral Presentations

  • Chemistry Postgraduate Symposium 2015 (PDF Document)
  • Warwick Systems Biology DTC Seminar 2015
  • RSC Carbohydrate Group Autumn Meeting 2014
  • Warwick Systems Biology DTC Seminar 2013

Poster Presentations

  • 12th International Cnference on Materials Chemistry, York University, 2015. (PDF Document)
  • COST MultiGlycoNano Training School, Bangor University, 2015.
  • RSC Younger Members Symposium, Birmingham University, 2014.
  • 13th Summer Course Glycosciences, Wageningen University, 2014.
  • Chemical Biology and Bio-Organic Chemistry Postgraduate Symposium, 2014.
  • Warwick Systems Biology DTC annual conference, 2014.
  • RSC Chemical Biology Interface Division Awards, 2013.
  • The Polymer Club, 2013
  • RSC MC11 2013
  • Warwick Systems Biology DTC annual conference 2013
  • RSC Carbohydrate Group Younger Members Symposium 2013
  • RSC Biomaterials Chemistry Group 2013
  • RSC Postgraduate Symposium on Nanotechnology 2012
  • Warwick Systems Biology DTC annual conference 2012

Research Interests

My PhD is entitled "Pathogen detection based on carbohydrate adhesion".


Dr Lucienne Otten

Systems Biology DTC

University of Warwick

Senate House





University of Warwick (2012-2016) Systems Biology (PhD)

University of Warwick (2011-2012) Systems Biology (MSc)

University of Nottingham (2008-2011) Animal Science (BSc)