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Claudia Blindauer
Associate Professor of Chemistry, AS:MIT Course Director

Department of Chemistry C510 C.Blindauer 5 28264
James Covington
Associate Professor
School of Engineering A327
J.A.Covington 5 74494
Ben Douglas
Science City Facilities Manager (Advanced Materials)
Department of Chemistry A112   5 28437
David Firth
Professor Statistics, Chair of Department
Department of Statistics   D.Firth 5 72581
Peter O'Connor
Professor of Analytical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry C511 P.Oconnor 1 51008
Alison Rodger
Professor of Biophysical Chemistry; Director W-CAS; Director MOAC DTC
Department of Chemistry B607/
5 23234
5 23234
Jeremy Sloan
Associate Professor/Reader in Electron Microscopy
Department of Physics P437
J.Sloan 5 23392
Simon Spencer
Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics D0.07 S.E.F.Spencer 1 50781
Corinne Smith
Associate Professor; Director of the Biological Electron Microscopy Facility at Warwick
School of Life Sciences   Corinne.Smith 5 22461
Paul Thornalley
Professor in Systems Biology
Warwick Medical School - CSRI   P.J.Thornalley 9 68594
Pat Unwin
Professor of Chemistry; Head of Physical and Theoretical Section;
Chair Space & Accommodation Committee
Department of Chemistry C526 P.R.Unwin 5 23264