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WASC People

We try to ensure that the information contained in the contact pages is accurate, however, if you do encounter any problems please contact us at and we will endeavour to amend the problem. Staff information can also be found on the Warwick People Search page.

All WASC Contributors

Steering Committee
Management Committee
MSc Course Contributors






+44 (0)2476

John Aston
Associate Professor (Reader)
Department of Statistics   J.A.D.Aston 5 74808
Robin Ball
Professor of Physics; Head of Department; Co-Director DTC in Complexity Science
Department of Physics P567/D102 R.C.Ball 5 28408
Mark Barnett
Research Development Officer
Research Support Services   M.A. Barnett 7 50577

Claudia Blindauer
Associate Professor (Reader) of Chemistry, AS:MIT and MAS Course Director
Department of Chemistry C510 C.Blindauer 5 28264
Till Bretschneider
Associate Professor
Warwick Systems Biology
T.Bretschneider 1 50252
Tony Bristow
Associate Principal Scientist

Steven Brown
Professor of Physics 
Department of Physics
(Milburn House)
S.P.Brown 5 74359
Nikola Chmel
MOAC Msc Director
Department of Chemistry/ MOAC DTC B607/M3.09 N.Chmel

5 23234

5 74695

James Covington
Associate Professor
School of Engineering A327
J.A.Covington 5 74494
Mike Davies
Head of Analytical Services
Lonza N/A N/A
Ann Dixon
Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry; Head Organic Teaching
Department of Chemistry A102 Ann.Dixon 1 50037
Ben Douglas

Science City Facilities Manager (Advanced Materials)

Department of Chemistry A112 B.Douglas 5 22183
David Firth
Professor of Statistics, Chair
Department of Statistics   D.Firth 5 72581
Vilmos Fulop
Professor of Life Sciences
Department of Life Sciences  
5 72628

 Alex Gibson
Head of Research Alliances at GE Healthcare, Medical Diagnostics Discovery
G E Healthcare N/A

Andy Grieve
School of Medicine
King's College London N/A  +44 (0)20 848 6651
Melissa Hanna-Brown
Associate Research Fellow, Analytical R+D;
Industry and Technology Division Council Member (elected) at Royal Society of Chemistry ;
Analytical Division Council Member (elected) at Royal Society of Chemistry

Pfizer N/A  +44 (0)1304 616161
Ron Heeren
Professor; Supervisor of Mass Spectromic Imaging Facility
FOM Institute AMOLF N/A  +31-20-7547100
Reza Jalilikashtiban
Department of Physics P448a R.Jalilikashtiban 5 74395
Adam Johansen
Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics   A.M.Johansen 1 50919
David Kigour
Senior Research Fellow
Department of Chemistry G502 D.P.A.Kilgour 2 51781
Jeremy Lea
Managing Director
Bruker N/A  +44 (0)24 7685 5200
David Leadley
Professor of Physics;Deputy Head of Department;
Chair of the Science Faculty Graduate Studies Committee
Department of Physics P550
D.R.Leadley 5 24114
Josef Lewandowski
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry F06 J.R.Lewandowski 7 51355
Isaac Liu
Associate Professor (Reader)
School of Engineering F328 I.K-K.Liu 5 74348
Julie Macpherson
Professor of Chemistry; Head Physical & Theoretical Teaching
Department of Chemistry A106 J.Macpherson 5 73886
Ian McConvey
Process Consultant
Jacobs, McConvey Consultants      
Chris McConville
Professor of Physics
Department of Physics P431 C.F.McConville 5 24236
Andrew Mead
Assistant Professor 
School of Life Sciences   Andrew.Mead 5 75020
Gavin Morley
Royal Society Research Fellow
Department of Physics F07 Gavin.Morley 1 50801
Mark Newton
Associate Professor of Physics
Department of Physics P553 Mark.Newton 5 74358
Ian Nussey
University Relations
Peter O'Connor
Professor of Analytical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry C511 P.Oconnor 1 51008
Naila Rabbani
Associate Professor, Metabolic & Vascular Health
Warwick Medial School/ Warwick Systems Biology   N.Rabbani +44 (0)24 7696 8593
Alison Rodger
Professor of Biophysical Chemistry; Director W-CAS; Director MOAC DTC
Department of Chemistry B607/
5 23234
5 23234
Mark Rodger
Professor of Molecular Simulation; Head CSC
Department of Chemistry CS3.11 P.M.Rodger 5 74100
Peter Sadler FRS, FRSE
Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry C514 P.J.Sadler 5 23818
Jim Scrivens
Professor of Structural Biology
School of Life Sciences   J.H.Scrivens 5 74189
Mike Shipman
Professor of Synthetic Chemistry; Head of Department of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry C508 M.Shipman
5 23186
5 23653
Anatoly Shmygol
Division of Reproductive Health, CSRL
Warwick Medical School 00108 A.Shmygol
+44 (0)24 7696 8702
Jeremy Sloan
Associate Professor/Reader in Electron Microscopy
Department of Physics P437
J.Sloan 523392
Simon Spencer
Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics D0.07 S.E.F.Spencer 1 50781
Corinne Smith
Associate Professor; Director of the Biological Electron Microscopy Facility at Warwick
School of Life Sciences   Corinne.Smith 5 22461
Elke Thonnes
Principal Teaching Fellow
Department of Statistics C1.07 E.Thonnes 5 72582
Paul Thornalley
Professor in Systems Biology
Warwick Medical School - CSRI   P.J.Thornalley 968594
Matthew Turner

Department of Physics   M.S.Turner 5 22257
Pat Unwin
Professor of Chemistry; Head of Physical and Theoretical Section;
Chair Space & Accommodation Committee 574812
Department of Chemistry C526 P.R.Unwin 5 23264
Hugo van den Berg
Mathematics Institute/
Warwick Systems Biology Centre
(Coventry House)
H.A.van-den-Berg 5 50253
Neil Wilson
Assistant Professor in Condensed Matter Physics
Department of Physics P439 Neil.Wilson 5 24168
Peter Winlove
Professor of Biophysics
University of Exeter N/A

+44 (0)1392 724140