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W-CAS People: MSc Contributors

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MSc Course Contributors






+44 (0)2476

Claudia Blindauer
Associate Professor of Chemistry, AS:MIT Course Director
Department of Chemistry C510 C.Blindauer 5 28264
Till Bretschneider
Associate Professor
Warwick Systems Biology 344 T.Bretschneider 1 50252
Tony Bristow
Associate Principal Scientist
AstraZeneca N/A N/A
Steven Brown
Professor of Physics 
Department of Physics
(Milburn House)
S.P.Brown 5 74359
Nikola Chmel
MOAC Msc Director
Department of Chemistry, MOAC DTC
N.Chmel 5 23234 5 74695
Giovanni Costantini
Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
G.Costantini 5 24934
James Covington
Associate Professor
School of Engineering A327
J.A.Covington 5 74494
Ann Dixon
Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry; Head Organic Teaching
Department of Chemistry C503 Ann.Dixon 1 50037
Vilmos Fulop
Professor of Life Sciences
Department of Life Sciences   V.Fulop 5 72628
Melissa Hanna-Brown
Associate Research Fellow, Analytical R+D;
Industry and Technology Division Council Member (elected) at Royal Society of Chemistry ;
Analytical Division Council Member (elected) at Royal Society of Chemistry
Pfizer N/A  +44 (0)1304 616161
David Leadley
Professor of Physics;Deputy Head of Department;
Chair of the Science Faculty Graduate Studies Committee
Department of Physics P550
D.R.Leadley 5 24114
Josef Lewandowski
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry   J.R.Lewandowski 1 51355
Isaac Liu
Associate Professor (Reader)
School of Engineering F328 I.K-K.Liu 5 74348
Julie Macpherson
Professor of Chemistry; Head Physical & Theoretical Teaching
Department of Chemistry A106 J.Macpherson 5 73886
Andrew Mead
Assistant Professor 
School of Life Sciences   Andrew.Mead 5 75020
Gavin Morley
Royal Society Research Fellow
Department of Physics F07 Gavin.Morley 1 50801
Mark Newton
Associate Professor of Physics
Department of Physics P553 Mark.Newton 5 74358
Peter O'Connor
Professor of Analytical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry C511 P.Oconnor 151008
Alison Rodger
Professor of Biophysical Chemistry; Director W-CAS; Director MOAC DTC
Department of Chemistry B607/
5 23234
5 23234
Mark Rodger
Professor of Molecular Simulation; Head CSC
Department of Chemistry CS3.11 P.M.Rodger 5 74100
Peter Sadler FRS, FRSE
Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry C514 P.J.Sadler 5 23818
Jim Scrivens
Professor of Structural Biology
School of Life Sciences   J.H.Scrivens 5 74189
Anatoly Shmygol
Division of Reproductive Health, CSRL
Warwick Medical School 00108 A.Shmygol +44 (0)24 7696 8702
Jeremy Sloan
Associate Professor/Reader in Electron Microscopy
Department of Physics P437
J.Sloan 5 23392
Simon Spencer
Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics D0.07 S.E.F.Spencer 1 50781
Corinne Smith
Associate Professor; Director of the Biological Electron Microscopy Facility at Warwick
School of Life Sciences   Corinne.Smith 5 22461
Vas Stavros
Associate Professor & Royal Society University Research Fellow; SSLC Convenor
Department of Chemistry E011B V.Stavros
1 50172
1 51015
Pat Unwin
Professor of Chemistry; Head of Physical and Theoretical Section;
Chair Space & Accommodation Committee 574812
Department of Chemistry C526 P.R.Unwin 5 23264
Hugo van den Berg
Mathematics Institute/
Warwick Systems Biology Centre
(Coventry House)
H.A.van-den-Berg 5 50253