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Adam Mbugi


I have undertaken my Full Technician Course (FTC) in Laboratory Technology at the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology in Tanzania. I worked as a Technician at Government Chemist Laboratory Agency (GCLA) for seven years before I decided to do my first degree in Food Science and Technology at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania. After completing BSc in FST (2006) I returned to work with GCLA in the division of Technical service (department of analytical Instruments) which led me to the AS: MIT MSc. Programme at the University of Warwick. I chose this course so that to get a knowledge in instrumentation when I go back to GCLA and I had enjoyed the food science and technology analysis and I thought that the AS: MIT course would be a good route for me into a instrumentation techniques.



  University of Warwick
Chemistry Department

Warwick Experience

The first half of the year of As:MIT programme was taught course, I enjoyed the real group research project which gave me opportunity to work in a team with a group of four members for two weeks on a project to analyse antioxidant and caffeine in tea and coffee. Currently have a MSc. Research project with professor Peter O’Connor, My main research interests FT-ICR MS approach to determine the temperature dependence in collagen deamidation.