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Angielyn Ng

After my undergraduate studies of Chemistry in the University of Edinburgh, I went on a master program: the Analytical Science: methods and Instrumental Techniques (ASMIT) in the University of Warwick.

My individual project lasts 4-5 months under the supervision of Prof. Peter O'Connor. The topic is "Studies on Protein Deamidation using Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FTICR)". As FTICR provides high resolution, by looking at the isotopic patterns of proteins/peptides/fragments by CID, the occurrence of deamidation and its exact positions can be identified. The isomers of aspartic acids can be differentiate by ECD.

In this project, I started with analysing chicken lysozyme and focused on human antibody IgG. I have learnt how to prepare a small quantity clean injected sample and how to do data analysis.