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Manal Alharbi

I obtained my bachelor degree in Chemistry from Girl’s College of Science in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. During my study at Girls’ Science College, I had a great opportunity to explore closely how such kinds of chemical interactions take place in laboratories. I was able to observe and conduct experiments in laboratories under my teachers’ supervisions.

In 2011, I decided to join the AS:MIT MSc programme at the University of Warwick as I believed it could fulfill my enthusiasm to know more about the recent quantitative and qualitative techniques in chemistry field. I enjoyed the taught courses and I was excited by the quantity and quality of the knowledge that I manage to gain during this short time. I’m working with the Crystallization group with Prof. Patrick Unwin.

My research

Title: Optical analysis of confined gypsum nucleation on functionalized surface under an applied electrical field

In this study, the nucleation and crystallization of gypsum droplet on the above functionalised surfaces (CH3, COOH,and OH- terminated SAMs ) with and without electrical field applied at the interface (solid/liquid) was investigated using different techniques. The morphologies of gypsum were examined by using optical microscopy and SEM. Micro-Raman spectroscopy was used to investigate crystal structure.

These are examples of the photo obtained in the study:

(1) Gypsum crystal on OH terminated SAM

(2) Gypsum crystal on CH3 terminated SAM