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Robert Morgan

A picture of Bob

My undergraduate degree was an MChem in Chemistry at the University of Sheffield. I particularly enjoyed the physical chemistry modules on my course and my year in industry at GSK ltd. After graduating I spent 6 months at 3M doing very repetitive and routine analysis and decided to pursue my further career by doing the AS:MIT MSc programme at the University of Warwick. The first half of the year was taught courses and I was particularly excited by the microscopy modules. I've chosen to do my research project in the electrochemistry and interfaces group, studying crystal growth.

An Investigation of the Growth of Calcium Tartrate and Calcium Carbonate

Project Abstract

In this project I am studying to growth of microcrystals, this began by looking at calcium carbonate but as it was intended that this should be a well controlled AFM study eventually it was decided that the carbonate-carbon dioxide equilibrium would be difficult to manage and a new system was chosen. This system was calcium tartrate which proved to display some interesting behaviours.

An AFM image of a calcium carbonate crystal

A little about me outside of the course

In my spare time I am a keen member of the folk society of which I am co-president. I am a caller (instructor) with various bands and at various events from small PTA functions and weddings to university society balls and even larger events. Recently as a member of the rapper side (a traditional north-east of England 'sword' dance) I performed at Broadstairs Folk Week where the side completed 55 dances over 5 days and an additional 16 in the 2 days after I left bringing the total to 71 dances in 7 days in pubs, fish and chip shops, ice cream parlours, tea shops and even Tesco.

For more details you can visit my personal website at