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Warwick Analytical Graduate School (WAGS)

The Warwick Centre for Analytical Science would like to thank everyone who attended the WAGS workshops and thank our speakers for providing their time and experience. We hope you found the workshops insightful, useful and thought provoking and the whole experience a positive one.


Details of the Workshops can be found below:


The Warwick Analytical Graduate School (WAGS) EPSRC funded Workshops are open to MSc/PhD students, PDRAs and industry employees alike, with *free places for research council funded students. Lunch and refreshments will be provided on both days for all attendees and accommodation and subsistence expenses will be refunded for research council funded students. Places are limited so please register early to avoid disappointment.




9th - 10th September - Advanced Topics in Mass Spectrometry

This is a workshop for MSc and PhD students in the analytical sciences. Lectures are on advanced topics in mass by some of the world's experts in their fields, but are intended to give a full overview and background of the topic at a tutorial level. Thus, the workshop is expected to be ideal for anyone in the analytical sciences who wishes to get an overview of these "hot topics". There will be plenty of discussion and coffee breaks to allow students the opportunity to engage with the speakers outside of the lectures.

For more information on the Advanced Topics in Mass Spectrometry Workshop please follow this link.


16th - 17th September - Electroanalytical Chemistry

Electroanalytical Chemistry has never been more vital as a subject, impacting directly on sensor technologies and diagnostic methods, and providing advanced techniques for investigating and characterising new materials and complex systems.

WAGS - Electroanalytical Chemistry Workshop aims to provide PhD students in electrochemistry and other areas of analytical science with a critical overview of some of the most important topics in the field. As well as providing an opportunity to interact with world-leading experts, there will be a chance for students to present their work in a poster session and to interact and network with peers.

For more information on the Electroanalytical Chemistry Workshop please follow this link.




30th November - 3rd December - 2010 Circular and Linear Dichroism Workshop

This Workshop is run by Professor Alison Rodger at the MOAC Doctoral Training Centre. Please follow the link for more information, including accommodation and the registration form.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

NMR spectroscopy is a very powerful analytical technique useful for the atomic-level characterization of structure and dynamics in both solution and the solid states. This workshop will provide an introduction to the basic principles of both solution- and solid-state NMR, the application of both proton and heteronuclear NMR to the study of small molecules and macromolecules in one- and multi-dimensions.

There will be practical demonstrations of both solution- and solid-state NMR and a problem-solving session involving the interpretation of 1D and 2D spectra, including those heteronuclei.

For more information on the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Workshop please follow this link

Statistical Methods in Analytical Science

More more details please follow this link

*PhD Students and PDRA's £75
Industry/Other £150



*Research council funded students will be able to claim for their workshop, accommodation and some subsistence following the workshop. However, the EPSRC funding does not cover travel costs so please bear this in mind when considering your transport options. If you are paying for your workshop by cheque, this will not be cashed unless you do not attend the workshop.






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