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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Workshop


 Sadler Group

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Workshop 7th - 8th December, 2010


NMR spectroscopy is a very powerful analytical technique useful for the atomic-level characterization of structure and dynamics in both solution and the solid states. This workshop will provide an introduction to the basic principles of both solution- and solid-state NMR, the application of both proton and heteronuclear NMR to the study of small molecules and macromolecules in one- and multi-dimensions.
There will be practical demonstrations of both solution and solid-state NMR and a problem-solving session involving the interpretation of 1D and 2D spectra, including those of heteronuclei.




*Research council funded students will be able to claim for their workshop, accommodation and subsistence costs following the workshop. If you are paying for your workshop by cheque, this will not be cashed unless you do not attend the workshop.


850 MHz Solid-State NMR

NMR Facilities at Milburn House
Image courtesy of Condensed Matter Physics Group






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