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International Institute for Product and Service Innovation

The International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI) was established in 2010 at the University of Warwick with funding from the West Midlands ERDF Programme to support SMEs across the West Midlands access world-leading technology to develop innovative products and services. At that time the West Midlands scored low on the national innovation index, with turnover from innovation companies within the region amongst the lowest of the English regions. IIPSI and its innovation programme was an initiative in the West Midlands to boost:

  • West Midlands R&D capacity and capabilities
  • The competitiveness of West Midlands SMEs in key sectors

In June 2015, the WMG SME Group announced the completion of the innovation programme, with a headline that over 1,400 SMEs had benefited since the doors opened in September 2012.

A more in depth Final Report about the delivery and achievements of the programme is also available to view here. (PDF Document) This final evaluation conducted independently by Loxley Consulting concludes that IIPSI improved the region’s technology base. 73.2% of SMES interviewed as part of the evaluation identified increased technical knowledge and 60.7% have developed new products, services, or processes as a result of working with IIPSI. Value added to regional activity is noted though reported increased profits and turnover for over a quarter of the enterprises interviewed.

Achievements of the IIPSI programme:

Outputs Target Achieved % Achieved
Jobs Created 64 69.75 109%
Jobs Safeguarded 140 169.5 121.1%
Businesses Assisted 202 206 102%
New Collaborations
with Businesses
62 126 203.2%
Businesses Created 4 5 125%
Gross Value-Add
to Region
£15,255,450 £16,883,715 111%

IIPSI continues to be a hub for SMEs to access insight into new technologies and is a demonstrator space showcasing a range of different research and capabilities. The WMG SME Group is still based in the building and is currently delivering a new Catapult Reach programme for SMEs in the manufacturing supply chain funded by Innovate UK.

For more information about WMG SME Programmes contact Dr Mark Swift via wmgsme at warwick dot ac dot uk

More information:

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SME Programmes Case Study Brochure
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