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Module Review LE 0901

This page shows the full individual evaluations of the module. The comments have been transcribed from the original questionnaires as accurately as possible. Minor changes for typographical or grammatical reasons have been made for some entries to improve clarity.

If I have misrepresented anyone's view, please contact me and I shall correct the entry.

I invite you to discuss points of interest to you in your blogs. These entries may include agreement with particular views expressed in the comments, diagree with particular views, offer more detail on suggestions for improvement etc.

It would be useful to return to this page after you have completed your post module assignment to reflect on the module in the light of further learning. For example, has the learning gained from this module been useful or has it proved to be less useful than you anticipated when writing your review at the end of the module. Such reflections captured in your blog would be useful to the  learning community.

Group feedback

Positive Suggestions for improvement

Class discussions vs standard lectures

Feedback to leaders

Reflections on debriefs

Blogging a good way of interacting

Stagger presentations to enable application of learning

Strengthen introduction viz objectives and the way to address the theories

Ensure that discussions do not go on too long

Coffee Time exercise to be more challenging (role play for employees)

Individual feedback

Number of students on module: 19   Number of forms returned: 18

Most informative elements

The depth on how you reflect on yourself as an individual and part of a group. Paul coaches us to reflect and explore. Above all, we have the motivation to be better and effective leader in the future.

The group exercises allowed me to appreciate the different group dynamics. Equally the discussions held allowed us to deconstruct the logic behind our perceptions, thus challenging our thinking and outlook towards various topics.

Presentation part, learn more than notes and deeper understanding.

The team exercises were very useful and practical. Each of us was a leader and felt how it is to being one. We have also learned how to be a good follower and support our leader.

The group discussion and a lot of simulation games. I got a lot of practice in the module both on leadership and other real useful skills.

The interaction of the assessment that we received back was very interesting and vital for the future. The blogging part is very useful.

Coaching; being effective leader; games; self assessment and feedback to leader in terms of imporvement; blog activity.

The feedback and discussion, but not possible without simulation games. Though games can have more leadership challenge rather technical complexity.

Practice leadership skills in several games.

Group exercises and discussions.

Most of the team exercises were quite interesting, entertaining and gave insight. Tutor was very good at encouraging students to discuss and give opinions.

Discussions, because the most interesting ideas were brought by others.

Everyone has the chance to practice leadership; understood different types of leadership; discussions were great; presentations.

Understanding different mindsets fo different people and delegation of teamwork.

The feedback sheets and reflective analysis; the class discussions.

The reflection - talking over what we had learnt and what impressions we had established.

Reflection about the experiences within the class. Listening to others' reflections and learning from tutor's experience.

Observation of knowledge was the most informative.

What improvements do you think could be made?

I like the self-learning process. However, I feel a sense of insecurity without any leadership theory lectures in the class.

Although there was a debriefing on how effective the leader was  by the team, there was no mention of how the group operated, and the dynamic between different individual players.

Give direction for team study. Guide how to use the time.

Sometimes discussions were not constructive and a lot of time was wasted.

In the pre-teaching week, I would like that teacher to point out some possible problems we are going to face.

Bring some important course notes during the module instead of download from the web site.

Random teams and unknown leaders and task may be more challenging and real reflection of personality and chance to learn. Blogs should be encouraged to have discussion rather than entries from everyone and a lot of irrelevant and storytelling style.

Balance the two weeks. Obviously the second week is more heavy work than the first one.

Scheduling of projects: first week was too relaxed, second week was too intense. Some exercises felt unnecessary, e.g. coffee time and meetings.

Majority of time was spent working in a group but individual output can be valued any way. Everyone was very dependent on others work done, especially in presentations.

Introduction of theories (probably for a few hours a day). Presentations could be evenly spread out through the two weeks.

The marking of the blog system. The time management. We often found that we were running over due.

Icebreaking activities at the start of the module.

First week could be improved with more case studies.

How much did you enjoy this module?

Very much 13 
Not at all

Were you satisfied with the quality of the module?

Fully 8  
Not at all