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Post-module Assessment

Post- Module assignment 2012-2013


This assessment is worth 70% of the overall mark for this module. The marks will be awarded as follows:


1. Compare and contrast DFSS and NPD considering their advantages and disadvantages and provide a recommendation on how DFSS can be integrated into NPD.

15 marks

2. Discuss the principles of Design for X in the context of DFSS and highlight how Design for X can be implemented efficiently. You should consider ideas related to concurrent engineering as well as identifying tools used in the following: Design for Reliability, Design for Maintainability, Design for safety, Design for Manufacture and Assembly and Design for Life Cycle Costing.

20 marks

3. Lessons learned is an intrinsic part of the DFSS process; discuss the barriers to effective use of lessons learned for product/process development.

15 marks


In these questions you should refer to data and information from journals or books to support your answer.