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MyChainReaction Project

The MyChainReaction project is an interdisciplinary ESRC funded project led by a team of researchers from WMG and the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies at the University of Warwick.

The research team includes Jan Godsell, Professor of Supply Chain Strategy (WMG), Antony Karatzas, Resarch Fellow (WMG) and Ruth Leary, Principal Teaching Fellow (CCPS).

Project Overview

Imagine a world without supply chains; no food; no running water; no prescription medicines; no fuel for our cars etc. Without them we would return to subsistence and potential anarchy and yet academics can’t agree on a shared definition of what a supply chain is and the levels of understanding among policy makers, business leaders and the general public alike are commonly very poor.

This project is designed as participatory research aiming to;

  • measure levels of public knowledge and understanding of what a supply chain is
  • increase levels of public knowledge and understanding of what a supply chain is and how we, as individuals are an integral part of them locally, nationally and beyond.

The MyChainReaction project combines crowdsourcing, social networking and storytelling in a website designed to both generate research data and increase public engagement and understanding as more and more people take part.

As the MyChainReaction stories appear they are mapped on a digital map which expands in real time as people join in.

We hope that the general public will spread the chain reaction as far across the world as possible and help us to achieve the target of 1,000 respondents.

Results So Far

The results so far where presented at the Global Supply Chain Debate 2015 using poetry and artwork (LINK).

The connectivity between supply chains usually stay invisible in our minds. This invisibility has caused the research team to think creatively to interpret the data in a different way. Artists where commissioned to help demonstrate supply chain relationships and real world perceptions in a more tangible and exciting way.

Supply Chain LINK

SME Supply Chain links

Artistic Interpretations of Supply Chains


The LINK artwork has been designed by Unfold. The installation features Supply Chain data from two globally active companies CHEP and Altro Flooring. The artwork physically demonstrates the links and complex layers these two companies have within their supply chain.



Pangaea Poetry performed a series of thought provoking poems taken from the MyChainReaction data to bring to life public perceptions of what a supply chain is and individually means to them. The use of digital technology is used to capture the attention of the public, politicians and supply chain thought leaders to increase awareness and understanding.

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