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Digital Healthcare Science Degree Apprenticeship

Digital Healthcare Science Degree Apprenticeship

Ensure your organisation has the right digital skills

The Topol Review sets out the importance of preparing the workforce for the digital future and with existing and predicted pressures on the NHS, there is recognition that the existing workforce will need to change to meet demands. As a response WMG, University of Warwick have developed a new BSc (Hons) Digital Healthcare Science programme. The course teaches students how to promote health and wellbeing through individualised patient-empowerment solutions and behavioural change, using leading-edge science and technology to contribute to improving health services for individual users.

With four fusion sciences – behavioural science; healthcare and physiological sciences; science of digital healthcare; science of shared clinical decision-making – interwoven throughout the programme, underpinned by academic and professional development, the course provides a breadth of scientific training.


Tim Robbins shares insights into the urgent need for digitalisation from the Topol Review and the impact this new role has.

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We would be happy to discuss more details about the course, how you can access the levy and how it might fit in with your workforce plan. Please contact us on 02476 572760 or

Key benefits

The Digital Healthcare Scientist will be able to:

  • understand and interpret physiological and diagnostic clinical measurements in order to navigate large datasets and identify clinically significant indicators supported by AI
  • act as a bridge between physical and digital health provision, meaning that their skill set can be utilised in a number of healthcare settings addressing workforce pressures and gaps
  • provide the opportunity for more efficient ways of working and have the skill set to enable and support organisations to deliver more digitally augmented care pathways.

Our programme provides people with the opportunities to develop new skills at work whilst studying for a recognised degree from a leading university, ranked top 10 in the UK.

This course is accredited by the National School of Healthcare Science as part of Health Education England.

Completion of the programme confers eligibility to apply to the Academy for Healthcare Science for registration.


Find out more about the course content and the benefits for both the apprentices and employer.

About WMG, University of Warwick

The Institute of Digital Healthcare is a partnership between WMG, Warwick Medical School and the NHS. Based at WMG, University of Warwick, we have close ties to major healthcare trusts. With our expert team of academics, researchers, software and biomedical engineers, statisticians, clinicians and behavioural scientists we deliver:

  • Research and development into digital technologies to improve people‚Äôs health and wellbeing
  • Educational programmes providing essential knowledge and experience to potential or existing healthcare professionals

 Our team have vast knowledge of working with organisations to understand your needs and how apprenticeships can work as part of your talent development strategy. We can help you recruit emerging talent or upskill existing staff to achieve your goals.

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