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Course Overview

EBM 300x240Our most flexible programme can be tailored to your own needs and allows you to develop your knowledge and skills in the key ‘value adding’ activities for business.

This course delivers a broad education in management and business, and will equip you with the analytical tools and techniques to improve internal and external operations.

During the course of the year, you will develop skills in the research, analysis, and evaluation of complex business problems, and gain a methodical approach to problem solving and decision making.

You will discuss the processes and technologies used by engineering businesses, and will develop an understanding of the functional relations between business divisions that can optimise efficiency and competitiveness.

WMG is a technology led department with an engineering background and scientific heritage so we are continually updating this course to make sure the content is up to date and meets the needs of industry.

The course focuses on the key value adding activities of:
• Market, product and process development

• Operations, logistics and supply chain management

• Core and emerging technology.

The applied nature of this course means you take knowledge learnt on the course and immediately apply this to your current role via work-based assignments, instilling the theory into practice.

Our expert tutors are able to bring their subjects to life by blending their academic knowledge with their expertise in a variety of industry sectors, supporting you in applying what you learn directly back into your company. You’ll benefit from strong links with our research groups and from guest lectures from some of the leading voices in the profession.

Who is this course designed for?

The course is designed for graduates from a wide range of engineering, business, IT and science backgrounds plus anyone who is looking to develop management expertise. It is also suitable for people who have been in their role for some time and want formal recognition for the skills and knowledge they have.

Participants come from a wide variety of industries and roles, including but not limited to: Procurement Officer, Engineers, Team Leaders, Operations Manager, Production Leader, Manufacturing Service Engineers, Quality Assurance Managers, and Managing Director.

This course will give you the opportunity to get a recognised qualification to compliment your experience and develop you as a professional.

Tuesday, 01 January 2019


Course modules

There is one required module:

Financial Analysis and Control Systems

Understand the basic accounting principles, terminology and techniques required to enable you to interpret financial reports and management accounting practices. Contribute to departmental financial planning and control.

Elective modules

In addition to the required module, you should select at least five operations and technology modules, at least one business module, and any two others to make a total of nine.

See the full list of postgraduate modules to view further details.

Friday, 01 February 2019

Entry requirements

You should be currently employed and able to prove company support because you’ll need to apply your studies directly to your work environment.

We recommend that you have at least two to three years of appropriate professional

experience and that you possess at least a second class honours degree.

If you have an HND/HNC and professional qualifications with significant experience, you may be considered to start on an intermediate qualification such as the Postgraduate Award or Postgraduate Certificate, with the opportunity for progression to the MSc.

Friday, 01 March 2019


This course will help you:

• Learn analytical tools and techniques to improve internal and external operations, including value added activities

• Develop an understanding of the functional relations between business divisions that can optimise efficiency and competitiveness

• Learn subject specific knowledge to enable you to do your job better

• Develop yourself as a leader and manager making you a better asset to the organisation

• Make robust, evidence approached decisions in a business context

• Develop your critical thinking

• Adopt a business-wide viewpoint

Monday, 04 March 2019


Our most flexible programme can be tailored to your own needs and allows you to develop your knowledge and skills in the key 'value adding' activities for business.


Participant views

Adrian Smith

Programme Director


“The knowledge and learning that I gained through the WMG programme has been instrumental in supporting my career path and helping me secure senior global roles across blue chip organisations in many market sectors.”

Paul Milward

UK Mid Range Sales Manager - South


“My experience of the MSc Engineering Business Management at WMG was wholly positive, not only in the content and topics covered within each module, but the opportunities for networking with people from a range of industries. Another great trait of the course, is the real life industry experience that the lecturers bring to the course. Being able to relate the course content to real life case studies allowed me to take any learning's back into my company and attempt to replicate or implement them with confidence knowing similar industries and companies were using those processes and techniques. Covering a wide range of topics gave me a lot of exposure and networking opportunities when back at my company and actually lead to immediate career progression into a commercial management role.“

Edward Brettell

Head of SIOP & Capacity - Actuation Systems

UTC Aerospace Systems

“Completing my Masters helped me develop both professionally and personally. The content helped me cement and enhance my existing knowledge of the subject whilst the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other professionals gave me invaluable insights. Receiving my Masters gave me a great sense of achievement and helped me progress my career to the next level.”

Egbert Boersma

Senior Director Global Operational Excellence

Inalfa Roof Systems Group B.V.

"I found the MSc one of the most valuable learning experiences in my career. The immediate benefits for me, even before I graduated, was my promotion to Senior Director Global Operational Excellence. Since then I have moved to a more senior management position and the knowledge I leant on the course still supports me today."

Bethan Murray

Production Leader – Modules

Rolls Royce Plc

“The course really gave me the ability to step back and see the bigger picture. After I graduated I made the jump to management and now look after a team of 50 people. I find I apply the knowledge and approaches I learnt regularly to my role. Thanks to the course I also have a higher understanding of the importance of the softer side of management and I'd be really keen to do further study with WMG.”

Steven Jones

Plant Competence Manager

Airbus UK

“I found the programme of great benefit both from a personal and career point of view. I have used knowledge learnt on the course directly at work with fantastic results, for example I used techniques in managing change when implementing an employee idea-generation scheme which has had tangible results of £20 million savings within 3 years.”

John Hollins

Chief Engineer

SPP Pumps Limited

“What I learnt during my time at WMG definitely helps me to do a better job and I regularly reference material from the course. The week blocks work very well for anyone in a busy role as it allows you to focus without the day to day work distractions. The modules are all very relevant and the mix of academic theory, practical exercises and guest speakers from industry all help to make it easier to take in. I would recommend the course to anyone”