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Our industry-standard innovative equipment ensures that our connected and automated mobility experts have the necessary tools to conduct innovative research and produce solutions that will shape the future of transport.


Equipment 1

  • National Instruments and Ettus SDRs (1.2GHz to 6GHz)
  • National Instruments PXIe 5840 Vector Signal Transceiver, 9kHz-6GHz, 1 GHz
  • Toby Eye tracker system
  • DSPACE Scalexio with Automotive System Libraries (ASM) including: Brakes, Electric Machines, Diesel and Petrol Engine, Vehicle Dynamics Environment etc.
  • High performance computers including Dell Presicion RACK 7190 Server Blade with Nvidia P6000 GPUs
  • Rohde & Schwarz Vector signal generator and analyser for frequencies between 100 kHz - 40 GHz and 60-90 GHz
  • National Instruments 5GNR signal generation and analysis for frequencies between 24.25-33.4 GHz, including payload delivery
  • Mirosys radar emulator (77GHz)
  • SIM2 HDR screen (6000 NITS)
  • Biopac Nomadix - Wireless EDA, ECG, Respiration, Pulse Oximetry
  • Spirent GSS7000 multi-frequency, multi-GNSS constellation simulator system