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Our expertise in transport and energy covers:

  • Improving cost and performance of powertrains
  • Reducing time to develop new products and systems architectures
  • Testing and validating new technologies
  • Providing capability to scale up and manufacture effectively
  • Measuring and improving quality, performance and safety

We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge, and wherever possible we transfer our technology and expertise from automotive to other sectors including aerospace, rail, static energy storage applications.


Collaboration is key to innovate in industry and we have many critical partnerships.

We are the Advanced Propulsion Centre spoke for Electrical Energy Storage, one of the founders of the UK Government’s Faraday Battery Challenge and a founding member of the Faraday Institution – a £246 million commitment to battery technology development. Together with Coventry City Council and the Coventry and Warwickshire LEP, we were awarded £80 million to establish the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre.


Our education course(s) in this emerging sector:


We have research capabilities in :


E4 Tech Report: The UK chemicals and process supply chain for battery manufacture
How to safely deconstruct a battery


Transport and Energy

APC EES LogoElectrification of transport is critical to deliver acceptable air quality and reduce energy consumption. It requires new technologies and new skills that current industry is struggling to deliver.