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Professor David Mullins - Memories

“Half of my working life has been committed to help where I can to enable the passion and the impact.”

Professor David Mullins, Interim Head of Department, WMG

Professor David Mullins - Interim Head of Department, WMG.

David speaks about his 23-year career at WMG, his passion for positive change, and his first day with Professor Lord Bhattacharyya.

How long have you worked at WMG?

23 years.

What is your earliest memory?

Being interviewed by our founder Professor Lord Bhattacharyya as a potential secondee from the Research Councils – I’ve stayed 23 years!

Why do you choose to work for WMG?

The passion in WMG for making a positive difference to people, companies and regions/nations.

Are you proud of WMG’s 40-year history and what does this mean to you?

I am, half of my working life has been committed to help where I can to enable the passion and the impact.

What do you think the future holds for WMG and how do you see yourself supporting that?

The future is very promising, we are leading education, research and knowledge transfer focussed on the key global challenges, delivered by passionate colleagues. I have been privileged and honoured to serve as Interim Head of Department after the very sad passing of Lord Bhattacharyya. We have a great new Exec Chair Margot James and strong leadership team to take WMG to the next level.

How would you describe WMG in 30 words or less?

An interdisciplinary melting pot of ideas, where innovation in education and research is aligned seamlessly to the needs of society, the environment and the economy.

What’s the best thing about WMG?

The people and the focus on the implementation of their knowledge to benefit society, the environment and the economy.

How has WMG grown and changed throughout your time here?

From a ‘group’ within a department to a high profile, major department that is a key element in the University.