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Michaela Scarle - Memories

“You are never alone as there is always someone who is willing to help”

Michaela Scarle - Senior Finance Assistant, WMG

Michaela Scarle - Senior Finance Assistant

Michaela speaks about her 16-year career at WMG, the pride she feels by working at WMG, and what's in store for the future.

How long have you worked at WMG?

16 years

What is your earliest memory?

The friendliness of the people I was introduced to.

Why do you choose to work for WMG?

The job advert seemed to provide all the aspects I was looking for.

Are you proud of WMG’s 40-year history and what does this mean to you?

I am proud of WMG how Lord Bhattacharyya had the vision and encouraged the growth in not only education of students but also different types of research. I am proud that I help my colleagues in a small way for them to reach their destination in many different forms of action.

What do you think the future holds for WMG and how do you see yourself supporting that?

I see WMG will continue to go from strength to strength and encourage people’s vision. I hope to be able to continue to assist my colleagues in any way I can.

How would you describe WMG in 30 words or less?

WMG is world class in education and research. Provides a good working environment and encourages people to achieve their goal.

How has WMG grown and changed throughout your time here?

When I started there were only three buildings IMC, IARC and EMB and we were known as Warwick Manufacturing Group and were part of Engineering. I remember the IDL being built and this was the first of many. We became our own department known as WMG. The first Academy was built with a second following. The NAIC Building was discussed and as building works started this was the largest building I have known to be built for WMG. The building was later named Lord Bhattacharyya Building.