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WMG Digital Portal : DAC


The start of a new complex

The WMG Degree Apprenticeship Centre (DAC) is due to open in October 2019 and signifies the first part of a future Degree Apprenticeship complex on the University of Warwick campus, training students in a range of Degree Apprenticeships. Focusing on courses essential to the development of advanced engineering and manufacturing companies, it will provide training programmes up to Level 7 (Master's Degree) for up to 1,000 apprentices. The apprentices, who will be employed by companies, will undertake their academic studies at the WMG Degree Apprenticeship Centre, which sits as part of the WMG estate on the University of Warwick Central Campus.

A flexible teaching and learning space

As well as providing flexible teaching and lab space and an environment for technology-enhanced learning, apprentices and organisations will also be able to access advice and support. The development has received £10 million from the Government's Local Growth Fund through the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP).