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Malaysia 2007-2009

We were delighted to work with the Malaysian Ministry of Education to provide a B.Ed (Hons) in Teaching English as a Second Language in collaboration with our Malaysian partners, the Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG) in Ipoh. The first cohort of students started their foundation course programme at Ipoh IPG in July 2007 and progressed to the degree programme in the UK in 2009. Warwick taught Years 1-3 of the programme in the UK and the Year 4 was taught in Ipoh, with advice and support from Warwick.

Apart from their academic achievements, Warwick's Ipoh 'Teslians' (as they called themselves) took full advantage of the intellectual and cultural opportunities offered by Warwick and actively participated in social and extracurricular activities with students from over 120 different countries. In particular, our Ipoh students made outstanding contributions to volunteer work in local schools and social welfare organisations. We were delighted that two B.Ed. students won prizes from the Warwick Alumni Association acknowledging their outstanding contribution to Warwick’s academic and cultural life.

The collaboration with Ipoh has had wider benefits than the professional development of our students and the provision of skilled and dedicated teachers to the Malaysian education system. Institutional benefits have also arisen from the partnership between Warwick and IPOH IPG. These include opportunities for collaborative research, for staff development and institutional capacity building.

Warwick prides itself on being an international university with a global outlook; the link with Ipoh has contributed significantly to these aims to the mutual benefit of all our students and staff.