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Case Study 1: Lia's placement at the Honduran Embassy

My name’s Lia and I was fortunate enough to conduct a four-week placement at the Honduran Embassy in London. I am interested in diplomacy in an increasingly globalised world and this experience was an eye-opener for me.


I worked on a daily basis with the ambassador and learnt a lot! I got experience as his 2nd secretary/cultural attaché and I absolutely loved it as I got to witness diplomacy in the making! There was always a lot of work to do and nearly every day I got to meet amazing people and have really meaningful conversations. During my placement, I met the Ambassador of Uruguay, the Ambassador of Ecuador, the Ambassador of Guatemala, the Ambassador of Nicaragua and other renowned leaders. I also went to many events at different embassies and organizations.


During my placement, I was able to apply my knowledge from the MSc in Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions. In particular, I got to experience a real life case of crisis communication during the unfortunate London terrorist attacks, as all diplomatic missions activated their emergency protocols.


The embassy was busy at all times and there was always something to do. I learnt so many new things and am really thankful to have had this opportunity.