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Useful Links for Educational Technology

  • The article by Warschauer giving an overview of the history of CALL

Warschauer, M. (2000). The death of cyberspace and the rebirth of CALL. English Teachers' Journal, 53, 61-67.

Also on

  • New Technologies in ELT - wiki

This is a wiki which can be used to explore the concept of wikis in education (as well as blogs and WebQuests).

To BJUT teachers - your impressions of Webquests have now been summarised - have a look and see if you agree. If not, edit the page!

  • WebQuests

This is the main WebQuest page for the originators of the concept. From here you can find WebQuests on hundreds of topics and links to a guide to make your own

  • Wordle

This tool allows you to display text in new and interesting ways

This website lists 47 ways that wordles can be used to teach

  • Web 2.0 and beyond

These Youtube videos are about Web 2.0 - they explain how technology is changing society - and perhaps changing us?!

The Machine is Us/ing Us A video made by an anthropology professor - very well thought out.

This is a good explanatory video about Web 2.0

This is a YouTube video which explains what Web 3.0 might look like 

This video is of a video with a senior executive in Intel “One year on the internet is equal to ten years of traditional media” Sean Maloney – CMO of Intel 2007

Why are WebQuests still useful in 2010? This blog discusses how they can be used in Web 2.0

  • Second Life

This link takes you to a document put in SCRIBD by Graham Stanley which describes how to go into Second Life and reach the British Council Island