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CEDAR Sharland Foundation Research and Impact Network

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The Sharland Foundation Developmental Disabilities ABA Research and Impact Network (SF-DDARIN) is a network of like-minded research practitioners. The SF-DDARIN is funded by the Sharland Foundation and is in collaboration with Bangor University. The over-arching purpose of SF-DDARIN is to increase the reach and impact of ABA-based interventions for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and/or autism to support their independence and increased quality of life.

We hope to achieve this through four strongly inter-linked areas of work:

  • High quality research
    Working with colleagues and organisations in the UK we will lead the development of research grant applications, in four areas of ABA-related developmental disabilities research: educational skills (e.g., reading, numeracy, science education); comprehensive ABA delivery models in education contexts (e.g., in special schools, nurseries, out of school hours clubs); Positive Behavioural Support across the lifespan; and ABA in adult social care (e.g., Active Support).
  • Influencing professionals
    We aim to influence non-ABA professionals through the publication of case studies, clinical examples, and programme descriptions of programmes that can address common problems faced when working with children or adults with developmental disabilities. We will identify examples of good practice and support their disseminate mainly in articles for professional journals. These professional articles (potentially published instead via social media such as blogs) will avoid the use of technical ABA language.
  • Special projects – the core Network team will engage with collaborators to facilitate and/or lead projects of national significance designed to improve access of people with developmental disabilities to evidence-based ABA interventions and to skilled ABA practitioners.
  • Social and mainstream media – all of the Network’s outputs and projects are regularly fed into social and mainstream media outlets to generate as much positive press for ABA and developmental disabilities as possible.

If you would like to speak to a member of the research team directly, please contact:-
Louise Denne, Project Manager SF-DDARIN, by email: or by phone: 07846 938997.


Further information about the project management group

The SF-DDARIN is supported by two Research Assistants