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Research Activities

Staff in the drama group in the Centre are currently and/or recently involved in the following funded research projects:

Dance and Drama Awards 2nd Phase Evaluation Project (DfES/LSC £340,000)

An evaluation project of a government scholarship scheme designed to raise standards and increase access to vocational dance and drama training in the private conservatoires like the Royal School of Ballet and the Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts.

Evaluating E-learning Resources for Theatre Education (RSC £12,000)

A study of the impact and effectiveness of the current e-learning resources provided by the RSC and an analysis of how they are being used by English and Drama teachers in schools.

Entrances and Exits: mapping access to study and training in the performing arts (LSC £85,000)

A comparative mixed method study of the different pathways available to post 16 learners into academic study and vocational training in Dance and Drama

How the Arts Impact on Young People’s Levels of Aspiration (Birmingham City LEA / Creative Partnerships £15,000)

A mixed methods study centred upon six Birmingham Secondary schools, due for completion in 2007.

Yr 5 Intensive Drama Intervention Programme; Using drama to improve writing attainment (Leicester City LEA £12,000)

A two year study to explore the impact of drama in raising attainment in writing for under achievers in urban classrooms.

In addition, drama tutors also sit on the editorial boards of leading Drama and Theatre research journals – Research in Drama Education and the NADIE Journal (Australia) - and regularly contribute to conferences and seminars. Drama tutors belong to the College of Reviewers for the Canada Research Chairs Program and the Canadian Social Sciences Research Board.