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Current Doctoral Students

Boyun Choe

Under Prof. Jonothan Neelands' supervision, I am conducting a comparative research about the trajectory of the creativity rhetorics through arts education and cultural policy contexts between UK and South Korea. Following Bourdieu's field theory, the study aims to offer a relational analysis about to what extent the notion of creativity has been politicised by responding to changing social, political and economic conditions and its implications in broader social context of both countries. For more information, visit my ePortfolio .

Brian Lighthill

I am a part time PhD student whose field of research is the teaching of 'Shakespeare studies', at KS3. [More about me]

Clive Holmwood

The focus of my PHD research is the similarities and differences between Dramatherapy, a form of psychological therapy and educational drama. I am in particular interested in the blurred space between these two professions and have adopted the anthropological term 'liminal space' to help describe this. I am a drama facilitator/community drama worker who has also trained as a Dramatherapist. These are issues I feel as yet are not adequately explored and explained; as I continue my practise in both fields. For more information, visit my ePortfolio .

Erifily Vladimirou 

I am a first year PhD student at the University of Warwick, in the Institute of Education. My research interest is focused on educational drama and how this can contribute in emotional development, achieving emotional competence. [My ePortfolio ]

Francis Prendiville

I am a senior lecturer in drama education at Cumbria University. My research is looking at teacher role play in classroom dramas for 3-11 year olds. My data is video from work in classrooms and I am looking at the work of Robin Alexander and dialogic teaching and Mikhail Bakhtin, as well as the application of discourse analysis to the data. I am particularly interested in the responses of pupils to teacher role play.

Mandy Precious

My study is about the role of Artists in formal education. I am particularly interested in the pedagogy that underpins artistic practice and the impact of a working class heritage on this. I am in the process of finalizing what shape my study will take - but I am very interested in narrative inquiry (including biography) and exploring how and why these people work in educational settings.
I work as a drama worker and writer in schools and the community. I also write plays and am currently working on a series of small readers for a special school, as well as a book for Creative Partnerships about partnership working.

Natalie Hart 

I am currently a full time PhD student at the University of Warwick. My research is a case study looking at 4 Youth Theatre groups based in the community and attached to a major regional theatre, exploring issues of Multiculturalism and Internationalism. [My ePortfolio ]

Sabina, Li-Yu Chang 

My research is about how to integrate educational drama and storytelling into teaching children English as a foreign language. [My ePortfolio ]