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Theatre Works

Lunchtime Stories--Tales from Across the globe 2007

A group of MA (Drama and Theatre Education) students 2006/2007 attended the 6th World Congress of International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) and presented 'Lunchtime Stories--Tales From Across the Globe' from 17th to 21st July. The stories told include 'Monkey King', 'Three Little Wolves and a Big Bad Pig', 'Two Sisters', and 'Sweetheart Roland', which were created as part of 'The Role of Story in Drama and Theatre Education' module in Oct 2006. [more...]

Les Comediantes 2006

Seanchai Players, a drama group composed of students taking the Master of Arts in Drama and Theatre Education at the University of Warwick 2005/2006, participated in 'Les Comediantes' drama festival organised by students from INSA, Rouen from 8th-13th May, 2006. A total of 5 groups from Britain, France, Germany and Greece participated in the Festival. [more...]



Mulan 2005

Mulan was a performance devised for 'The Role of Story in Drama and Theatre Education' module. Undeniably, Mulan has become a household name worldwide due to Disney's adaptation and its global circulation network. However, not every Chinese audience appreciates Disney's Mulan because there is too much distortion of reality in it. Therefore, my colleagues and I decided to shape up our own Mulan, who is the very embodiment of traditional Chinese virtues combined with modern values. [more...]