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Alumni Mentorship Scheme

WWiE are proud to present the first ever undergraduate Women in Economics mentoring programme in the UK. Following multiple discussions and meetings, the WWiE executive committee agreed that, in order to fulfil our aims and objectives we ought to be actively encouraging and facilitating female students in their desires to pursue economics following their undergraduate degree. One such relevant idea suggested was a mentorship programme - our internal communications team and careers officer (Jenny & Batrisya) reached out to Warwick alumni who had progressed into the field of economics in the professional sphere and built the foundations for our flagship Women in Economics Mentorship Programme.

As a female student, whether you’re interested in using your economics (and/or related) degree to work in academia, technology, consulting, public policy, elsewhere or maybe are not entirely sure yet, our mentors can assist you in your goals and provide advice from their experiences as professionals.

Areas of expertise of our 2020/21 mentors:

  • Academia & Research
  • Consulting
  • Regulation
  • Public Policy
  • Government
  • Data Analysis
  • International Trade & Development
  • Technology

How it works:

  • Alumni mentors (of all genders whom work within economics) and female mentee students submit an application to register their interest for the programme and their preferences.
  • Mentors are assigned to mentees by our Alumni Mentorship Team and a relationship is established whereby mentors and mentees meet regularly throughout the course of the academic year.

WWiE’s Alumni Mentorship Organisation Team:

Jenny Guo (Internal Communications)

Batrisya Fathima (Internal Communications)

Victoria Tode (Vice President)

Megan Shomo (Careers Officer)

Anesha Seennapen (Events Officer)

**Applications for mentoring for 2020/21 have now closed - we would like to thank all applicants and mentors who have joined!**

We would like to issue a special thanks to the Warwick Economics Department who kindly agreed to help us identify prospective mentors.