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Mental Health and Economic Status

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Mental Health and Economic Status

Two day workshop 21st-22nd October 2022

Convened by: Prof. Sonia Bahlotra

Venue: Scarman House Conference Centre, University of Warwick CV4 7SH

Programme: tba


There is a spate of research activity on mental health by economists in recent years. This includes research on economic causes of mental health (for instance, job loss can trigger depression), the economic consequences of mental health (for instance, depression and anxiety can compromise school performance and labour market productivity), and behavioural issues around mental health (for instance, does depression bias beliefs, or modify economic preferences?). The initial aim is to congregate as a group of researchers with cognate interests, and the next step is to create a network of researchers on mental health and to organize a workshop in this domain every two years.

Confirmed speakers include: Victoria Baranov (Melbourne), Daniel Bennet (TX, Austin), Pietro Biroli (Bocconi), Sarah Cattan (IFS), Jon De Quidt (Stockholm), Sonya Krutikova (IFS), Sultan Mehmood (New Economics School Moscow), Vahid Moghani (Erasmus, Rotterdam), Kate Orkin (Oxford), Matthew W. Ridley (MIT), Maddalena Totarelli (Amsterdam), Joseph Vecci (Gothenburg), Joaquim Vidiella Martin (Oxford), Matthew J. Wiswall (WI, Madison), Fanny Landaud (Norwegian School of Economics).

Attendance is by invitation. Queries may be sent to