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Advantage Magazine - Autumn 2020 - Public Policy and Data theme special

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Advantage Magazine - Autumn 2020 - Public Policy and Data theme special

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Welcome to this special issue of Advantage Magazine…

This autumn we are excited to introduce CAGE’s new research theme, entitled ‘public policy and data’. The theme investigates how best to design policies to tackle the most pressing challenges world economies face. It features researchers across multiple disciplines who go out of their way to collect and leverage novel data sources and employ a wide range of empirical methods, structural modelling, policy evaluation and machine learning. The outcome, we think, yields exciting insights at the frontier of policy research.

This issue gives an insight into just some of the research of our associates, and demonstrates the central goal of our research theme: to turn to new sources of data and rigorous methods to inform policy decisions.

Roland Rathelot, Lucie Gadenne and Ludovica Gazze

Research Theme Leaders, Public Policy and Data

In this issue...

A tale of two crises: the COVID-19 pandemic vs the Great Recession and their impacts on labour markets

Mirko Draca, Emma Duchini, Roland Rathelot, Giulia Vattuone

Putting administrative data to work for public health: the case of health screening
Ludovica Gazze

Should the UK lower its VAT threshold?
Ben Lockwood

Exposing the glass ceiling: hiring practices and gender equality in the UK labour market
Emma Duchini, Stefania Simion

Who polices the police? Body cameras do work after all
Pedro Souza

How early adopters spread twitter across the United States
Karsten Mueller, Carlo Schwarz

Parting shot: we are all Nate Silver now
Mirko Draca