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Meet the CAGE associates making an impact

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Meet the CAGE associates making an impact

The Times Higher Education Rankings today announced that Warwick Economics ranked 2nd in the UK for impact.

80% of the department's impact was judged to be world leading (4*).

All those who submitted an impact case study to the department were CAGE associates. Meet the CAGE associates making a difference:

Arun Advani found that hiring more tax auditors could save the government millions of pounds in uncollected revenue. Through meetings and panel discussions, Arun convinced policymakers to take action. In his 2020 Budget, the Chancellor pledged to employ 1,300 additional auditors, which is calculated to bring in an average of £770 million per year in extra revenue.

Claire Crawford evaluated widening participation programmes. Her research has been central to policy development and debate on improving fair access to higher education.

Clement Imbert and colleagues used insights from nudge theory to help the Belgian tax Authority change the way it communicates with taxpayers, leading to increased tax compliance.

Andrew Oswald’s work on wellbeing and happiness over two decades has changed how governments understand and measure societal progress.

Mike Waterson’s government-commissioned report reformed the secondary ticketing market, making ticket prices fairer.