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Davies and Ilič on the Soviet Economy in the Thirties and Fifties

Two new papers in the PERSA series are "Prices, Costs and Finance in the Soviet Union, 1933-1939: A survey" (No. 60, by R. W. Davies) and "From Khrushchev (1935-6) to Khrushchev (1956-64): Construction Policy Compared" (No. 61, by R. W. Davies and Melanie Ilič)
Wed 21 Apr 2010, 10:39

Gregory and Zhou on How China Won and Russia Lost

Paul Gregory (Houston and Hoover), a leading researcher in Stalin's archives, and Kate Zhou (Hawaii), a specialist in Chinese affairs, have joined forces to consider "How China Won and Russia Lost"
Sat 12 Dec 2009, 16:16 | Tags: Hoover Project

Service on Trotsky

Robert Service's Trotsky: A Biography has been published in the United Kingdom in October by Pan Macmillan and in the United States in November by Harvard University Press
Sun 06 Dec 2009, 12:54 | Tags: Hoover Project

Harrison on the Lithuania KGB and Counter-Terrorism

"Counter-Terrorism in a Police State: The KGB and Codename Blaster, 1977," by Mark Harrison, is No. 59 in the PERSA series ...
Thu 15 Oct 2009, 16:43 | Tags: Hoover Project

Belova and Lazarev on Party Justice under Stalin

"Selective Justice: Party Control under Stalin," by Eugenia Belova and Valery Lazarev, is No. 58 in the PERSA series ...
Fri 02 Oct 2009, 15:09 | Tags: Hoover Project

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