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MRes/PhD Handbook

Welcome to the Department of Economics

Welcome from the Department of Economics. In choosing to undertake your MRes with us, you are now part of one of the very best Economics departments in Europe, and you will find your time here to be exciting and rewarding. Our aim is to ensure that not only will you graduate with a MRes/PhD from one of the best Economics departments, but that you will reach your full potential during your time here. As well as being taught by top class teachers and researchers, we work hard to make your experience memorable and to provide you with valuable opportunities to enhance your CV and provide you with a flying start to your career.

In less than 50 years, our department has followed a rapid trajectory in each of the essential undertakings required to be the best – academic research and the training of the next generation of economists at the bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels. These accomplishments place us at the forefront of economic research and education in the UK and beyond. Dynamism, vision and energy were the essence of our founding mission, and they remain at the core of our present and our future.

Over the past five years, the Economics Department has undergone unprecedented growth as the volume and range of activity across all of our areas has significantly increased. The growth and expansion has taken place by design and strategy, aimed at achieving an ambitious set of objectives. We place your student experience right at the heart of our motivations, and are continuously improving our offering based on your feedback.

Excellence in all we do is crucial so we have significantly enhanced our standards in the calibre of students we seek and attract – including you and your fellow students. The research reputation of the Department, has as a result, significantly enhanced nationally and internationally, which was confirmed in the 2014 REF when Warwick Economics achieved 4th place (on the basis of Research Intensity score). The changes we have made to our MRes/PhD programme will cement our reputation as a centre of excellence for the faculty of the future.

We wish you every success and encourage you to engage fully with everything on offer in the Department and the University.

Welcome from the Director MRes/PhD

Welcome to our MRes/PhD Programme in Economics at Warwick. We hope that you find your study with us to be interesting and rewarding and that your time here will be enjoyable and worthwhile. This Handbook describes the structure of the MRes/PhD programme and outlines what you can expect from your time spent in the Department. It contains most of the information that you will need to get started, and it can be a useful reference in the future. You should read it carefully and refer to it if you have any questions.

The MRes/PhD programme formally consists of two separate degree programmes. The first two years of taught coursework lead to the award of the MRes degree (for candidates satisfying all of the requirements). If you pass the MRes at a sufficiently high level of performance, you will then proceed to the PhD programme. You have a maximum of four years to complete the PhD, but are expected to be ready to submit at the end of year three or earlier. We aim to provide you with a professional training in modern economics, including tools and techniques of analysis as well as knowledge, and an opportunity to apply this in extended research. Our objective is to produce doctoral students who are able to pursue research driven careers at the highest level in academia, government agencies or consultancies.

With regards to the PhD programme, as you know, the primary activity of a research student is to complete a thesis that contains original and interesting analysis. However, other activities are also important, since they expand expertise and increase human capital. These notes and the associated requirements are aimed at indicating the right balance of activities and what the Department expects of its research students.

If, after reading this Handbook, you have any queries, then please feel free to drop me an email;

We wish you all an enjoyable and successful time studying in the Department.

Dr Thijs van Rens
Director MRes/PhD Economics
University of Warwick