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About Rodionov's Chronology

Ivan Rodionov began to compile a chronology of Soviet aviation and the Soviet aircraft industry in 1995 while preparing a book about the Il-2 Shturmovik and Il-4 bomber. Eventually this work became a research project in its own right. The core theme of the Chronology is the historical development of the aircraft industry but the Chronology includes data on general political and cultural events in Russia and other countries (mostly extracted from other chronologies published around the world).

Version 11, uploaded on 30 August 2016, replaces versions 10 (24 June 2014), 9 (9 December 2012), 8 (7 February 2010), 7 (uploaded on 27 February 2009), 6 (27 December 2007), 5 (27 May 2005), 4 (22 August 2003) and 3.1 (19 March 2002). Still earlier versions of Rodionov's Chronology remain available over the internet as follows.