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LMI Online Learning modules

** Please note that these modules are no longer updated, so information and links may be out of date. The activities and exercises are still considered useful to develop skills and knowledge in the field. **

The following Online Learning modules have been developed to support the continuing professional development of those working in careers education, information, advice and guidance in their understanding and use of labour market information and intelligence.

The aim of these modules are to provide opportunities for all professionals working in the career education, information, advice and guidance field to develop the ability to access, understand and manipulate Labour Market Information (LMI) as part of effective careers practice.

The three modules comprise:

Laptop and notepad

LMI Learning module

Covers the basics of understanding LMI and intelligence, through to the theory of using LMI in practice, to researching, sharing and developing your own LMI.

Futuristic finger printing

STEM Careers learning module

Focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) LMI with the aim of raising awareness of the careers and opportunities available in these areas.

Connected planet

Energy and utilities CPD resource

Focuses on the energy and utilities industries and supporting careers influencers better understand the opportunities offered by the industries and encourage young people to consider them alongside their other career options.