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Energy and Utilities online CPD resource

Welcome to Module 1: Getting going with careers information Energy and Utility Skills logo


The aim of this online learning module is to develop careers influencers’ use of careers information, focused on the Energy and Utilities Industries.

This module is designed to help careers influencers: careers advisors, teachers, tutors and others, to better understand the opportunities offered by energy and utilities industries and encourage young people to consider them alongside their other career options. The learning is presented so that information about these industries is bound together with skills based learning on the provision and delivery of careers information, an essential underpinning element in good quality careers education advice and guidance.

The UK energy and utilities industries employ over half a million people and provide essential services to both domestic and industrial customers. They offer a wide range of exciting career opportunities in large high-tech organisations which provide interesting and rewarding jobs with good prospects of progression. Dynamic, and expanding to meet the challenges of new technologies and the transition to a low carbon economy, demand is high and projected to grow in this sector for skilled engineers and technicians, scientists, operatives and customer care staff.

There is widespread agreement that future UK prosperity depends on young people better understanding the potential of studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and choosing STEM careers. As a group of STEM based industries, the energy and utilities sector wants to project a deeper understanding of its attractiveness to potential new entrants.

Module 1 Getting going with careers information is available from the start button below.