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Johannes Angermuller

Professor Angermuller's research interests in this area are centred on the analysis of language and discourse surrounding higher education and migration, particularly in relation to Brexit.

Sascha O. Becker

Professor Becker's research in this area has included an analysis of who voted for Brexit (with Dr Fetzer and Dr Novy) and whether migration causes extreme voting (with Dr. Fetzer). He has provided advice to HM Treasury on considerations for domestic regional policy after Brexit and has spoken in Brussels on the future of the EU budget.

Anne Green

Professor Green's research concerns the impacts of labour migration and geographical mobility more generally (including long-distance commuting), the geography of employment and joblessness, local skills strategies, and the role of social networks and place attachment in understanding labour market behavior.

Thiemo Fetzer

Dr Fetzer has worked on an analysis of who voted for Brexit (with Professor Becker and Dr Novy) and considered the rise of UKIP in a paper entited 'Does Migration Cause Extreme Voting?' (with Professor Becker).

Katharina Lefringhausen

Dr Lefringhausen analyses host country nationals' integration with other cultural groups. Her work challenges claims of many anti-migration parties in Europe that the existence of and exposure to different cultures eradicates national cultures.

Jennifer Smith

Dr Smith has research expertise in migration and the labour market. As a member of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), she is currently involved in producing a report on firm-level links between migration and productivity growth, and implications for immigration policy.

Simone Varriale

Dr Varriale’s research explores the relationships between globalisation, inequality and cultural identity. He is currently studying the post-migration lives of Italians who have been living in the UK since 2008, and exploring how social differences and inequality shape motivations for migrating.

Michael Wyness

Dr Wyness is working with local agencies in Coventry who facilitate the resettlement of Syrian child refugees in the area. The research explores the different ways that the Syrian children make sense of the host culture in developing their social identities.