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Law and Security

Henrique Carvalho

Dr Carvalho works on criminal law and punishment. He looks at how developments in criminal law and criminal justice on the one hand reflect, and on the other condition, aspects of political authority, and individual and social identity.

Anastasia Chamberlen

Dr Chamberlen is studying the relation between punishment and the Brexit vote. Her aim is to explain sentiments expressed during the referendum campaign, and after its outcome, and relate this to ongoing research on the social function and the emotional dimensions of punishment.

Jacqueline Hodgson

Professor Hodgson’s expertise lies in European criminal justice - both co-operation and enforcement mechanisms such as the European Arrest Warrant and procedural safeguards, such as the right to counsel. Her current work for the European Parliament on the future relationship between the UK and the EU in the field of Police and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters is of particular relevance to the UK government, especially when it comes to the fight against terrorism.

Andreas Kokkinis

Dr Kokkinis’ research interests are in corporate governance and financial regulation. His forthcoming article in the European Business Law Review will look at the impact of Brexit on the legal framework for cross-border corporate activity.