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The Future of UK Gas Security

Gas supply

Professor Mike Bradshaw, Warwick Business School (WBS), convened a forum of policymakers, think tanks, academics and representatives from industry to discuss the challenges facing UK gas security and the possible impacts of Brexit. The Forum builds on Professor Bradshaw’s previous research on the UK’s Global Gas Challenge, funded by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC).

Natural gas plays a critical role in the UK’s energy system, providing twice as much energy as electricity. The secure and affordable supply of natural gas is therefore an essential element of UK energy security and a key objective of Government policy.

The UK Gas Security Forum co-produced three briefing papers based on discussions at each of their three meetings in Autumn 2017, hosted by WBS and UKERC. The first focuses on challenges to the upstream security of supply – where gas comes from. The second considers midstream security challenges – the critical infrastructures that are necessary to link gas suppliers to end users – and the third explores the future role of gas, considering factors such as increasing demand for low-carbon and renewable energy sources.

In addition, the Forum held a day-long conference in early 2018 which fed into a final report on Future UK Gas Security. The report examines the potential impact of Brexit on the future of UK gas security and identifies key issues that should be addressed in a post-Brexit ‘UK Gas Security Strategy’.

The Forum was supported by the Warwick ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (grant reference ES/M500434/1).

Download the briefing papers

Future UK Gas Security: Upstream Security of Supply
Future UK Gas Security: Midstream Infrastructure
Future UK Gas Security: The Future Role of Gas?

Download the final report

Bradshaw, M. (2018) Future UK Gas Security: A Position Paper. Warwick Business School.