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JILT Issue 2003 (1) Editorial



Administrative Changes


The BILETA Partnership

3. This Issue
  3.1 Special Feature on Software-Related Inventions
3.2 The New Paradigm Shift in Democrary - E-Government?
3.3 Refereed Articles
3.4 Other Articles
4. As Usual

1. Administrative Changes

Thank you Julie Moreton, welcome Brent Hanks.

This issue of JILT involves the passing of the baton of JILT production from Julie Moreton to Brent Hanks. The editors (and we are sure the authors and readers join us) say a special thank you to Julie for her invaluable service in making the journal into the prestigious academic journal it has become. Julie now works with the eLearning Unit at the University of Warwick, but still continues to assist us informally. Julie will be a hard act to follow, but Brent Hanks has already picked up the reins with great dexterity and we wish him a warm welcome.

2. BILETA Partnership

We are delighted to announce that the British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association (BILETA) has become a financial sponsor of JILT. BILETA has been a great supporter of the Electronic Law Journals Project from the journal's inception. This has been in the form of policy support in considering our reports and editorial support by members of the executive. Discussions are ongoing about further sponsorships in our efforts to maintain JILT as a free journal.

3. This Issue
3.1 Special Feature on Software-Related Inventions

This issue highlights a Special Feature on Software-Related Inventions based on the important conference on the subject held at Bournemouth in July 2002. We thank Martin Kretschmer, from the Centre for Intellectual Property, Policy and Management at Bournemouth University for guest editing the issue, which we believe makes a valuable contribution to the fast developing knowledge on the subject.

3.2 The New Paradigm Shift in Democrary - E-Government?

The issue also includes the report and the full text of the papers from the first LIACTES/IFIP Workshop on EGovernment, held in Albarracin, Spain, 8-10 May 2003. The focus of the workshop enabled legal academics and practitioners to reflect upon the characteristics and contents of legal education and training in Electronic Government. We thank Fernando Galindo, from the University of Zaragoza, Spain, for this contribution.

3.3 Refereed Articles

In addition to the Special Feature, the issue contains four other refereed articles by David Bainbridge, Jamie Murray, Matthew Just and Konstantino Komaitis.

It is noteworthy that two of the articles are also connected with IP issues. Bainbridge's article on Trademark Infringement: The Internet and Jurisdiction, deals with questions of jurisdiction in trademark infringement in relation to signs placed on websites identical to or similar to trademarks registered in other jurisdictions.

Matthew Just's Internet File-sharing and the Liability of Intermediaries for Copyright Infringement: A Need for International Consensus proposes levies on digital material and compulsory licensing for dealing with file sharing as a preferable solution to making intermediaries liable for the type of file-sharing infringements involved in the celebrated Napster and KaZaA cases.

Jamie Murray's Public Key Infrastructure Digital Signatures and Systematic Risk deals with the issue of whether systematic risks similar to international open network infrastructures such as those in banking and finance can also affect Public Key infrastructures.

Konstantino Komaitis' article ICANN: Guilty as Charged? strongly argues that close links between ICANN and the US Department of Commerce reduce ICANN's independence and provide it with an unsatisfactory policy role, which in the end results in anti-competitive practices.

3.4 Other Articles

The issue also containsa work in progress piece by Denis Anyango Onwonga, on the development of legal information technology from East Africa, a particularly welcome sign of JILT's global appeal. The issue also carries quite a number book reviews.

4. As usual...

We hope you enjoy this latest edition and we look forward to receiving your valuable contributions to the journa in due course. Please send your articles to Brent Hanks.

This is an Editorial published on 6 August 2003.

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