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LGD 2001 (1) - PPT - Appendix 2

Permanent Peoples' Tribunal on Global Corporations and Human Wrongs, University of Warwick, 22-25 March 2000, Findings and Recommended Action

Appendix 2

Witness List

Permanent Peoples' Tribunal,
22 - 25 March 2000
The University of Warwick, UK

Bhargava Pushpa

Aveshna Consultancy Services, India


Brady Mike

Baby Milk Action, UK

Reflexive Session

Budiardjo Carmel

The Indonesia Human Rights Campaign, UK


Sheshardri Deepti

Anandnager, Bangalore, India


Feld Steven


West Papua (video)

Flynn Laurie

Journalist of the Guardian

Union Carbide

Jarman Melanie

Corporate Watch

Monsanto, Reflexive Session

Jelsme Martin

Transnational Institute (TNI) - Amsterdam


Kruszewska Iza

International Programmes Co-ordinator ANPED, Northern Alliance for Sustainability


Madeley John

Journalist and Editor of UK Food Group Report

Reflexive Session

Mani Rajani



McKenna Patricia

MEP, Ireland

Union Carbide

Morehouse Ward

Council on International and Public Affairs, NY

Union Carbide, Reflexive Session

Nayar Jayan

University of Warwick, School of Law

Reflexive Session

Nettleton Geoff

Stanford, OXON

Freeport / Rio Tinto

Ondawane John

Political Leader

West Papua (video)

Palmer Eric

National Lawyer's Guild

Monstanto Co-ordinator, Reflexive Session

Paul Helena

Gaia Foundation


Peck Juliet


Freeport, Rio Tinto

Phonklieng Anchalee

Inter-Mountain Peoples' Education and Culture in Thailand Association (IMPECT)

Reflexive Session

Ransom David

Co-Editor, New Internationalist Magazine, Oxford

Reflexive Session

Saltford John



Santos-Abrams Elyssa

Council on International and Public Affairs, NY

Assistant Co-ordinator for Freeport

Saldanha Leo


Reflexive Session

Solly Richard


Case Co-ordinator for Freeport Presentation

Stapleton Barbara

Freelance Producer, London

Reflexive Session

Tampoe Bala

General Secretary, CMU- Sir Lanka

Freeport / Union Carbide

Tognoni Gianni

Lelio Basso International (Secretary General of the Tribunal)

Union Carbide, Reflexive Session

Warwick Hugh

Citizens Jury Project, India

Reflexive Session

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Appendix 1 - Abstract from IRENE Report 2000