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Social consequences of legal aid cuts

This theme addresses issues including (but not limited to): the impact of cuts to legal aid on overall government expenditure, the impact on other services working with vulnerable individuals, the impact on the legal system in England and Wales and the unintended consequences of legal aid reform. If you have any suggestions for additional resources please email: n dot l dot byrom at warwick dot ac dot uk

Author Title Description of resource Related topics

Bell, K. and Smerdon, M.

Deep value: A literature review of the role of effective relationships in public services An in-depth study of the importance of relationships in public service delivery, which has implications for alternative models of advice delivery developed in response to legal aid cuts. Civil Law, Service Delivery

Cookson, G. (2011)

Unintended Consequences: the cost of the Government's Legal Aid Reforms Influential report which highlights flaws in the governments economic analysis of the proposals contained within the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012. Civil Law, Economic Analysis
Cressey et al. (2014) Proving the value of advice:
a study of the impact of
Citizens Advice Bureau services
Policy briefing from a longitudinal research project evaluating the impact of Citizens Advice Bureau services in the South West of England. Civil Law, Impact Analysis
Genn, H (2012) Do it yourself law: access to justice and the challenge of self representation Deals with the issues created for litigants as a result of the withdrawal of legal aid. Civil Law, Legal system
Kemp, V. (2013) Adopting a 'whole-systems' approach to police station legal advice. Report of a pilot designed to improve access to legal advice by involving duty solicitors in the pre-charge process. Criminal Law, Police Station Advice
Legal Action Group (2014) Report of the Low Commission on the future of advice and legal support
Tackling the Advice Deficit:
A strategy for access to advice and legal support on
social welfare law in England and Wales
National report exploring the impact of legal aid cuts in England and Wales on social welfare law advice and identifying future directions for the sector. Civil Law, Service Delivery
Meyler, F. and Woodhouse, S. (2013) Changing the immigration rules and withdrawing the 'currency' of legal aid: the impact of LASPO 2012 on migrants and their families. Explores the impact of LASPO 2012 on migrants and their families and the potential for the exceptional funding scheme to provide a route back into legal aid for migrants. Civil Law, Immigration Law
Miles, J. et al. (2012) When Exceptional is the Rule: Mental Health, Family Problems and the Reform of Legal Aid in England and Wales This paper examines data from the Civil and Social Justice Survey (CSJS) which casts light on the prevalence of mental health problems amongst adults with family law problems and so on the potential extent of eligibility for exceptional funding. Civil Law, Family Law