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Call for Papers - 17-18th September 2020

Presentations and discussions will engage with the following general questions:

  • How can postcolonial theory, studies and perspectives shed light on contemporary penal


  • What are the substantive and methodological contributions such engagement can make

    to the study of crime, criminalization and violence in a globalized world, and which can

    help us critically engage with the recalcitrance of nationalism?

  • How can we advance an emancipatory project in criminology, while still recognizing it as

    being, to a large extent, a discipline created from the perspective of the colonizer?

    Papers will focus on one or more of the following broad themes:

  • Uprooting the Colonial Legacies of Crime and Justice: direct institutional and structural legacies; indirect legacies of colonialism on questions of crime and justice; internalized/repressed histories and biases; ‘blind spots’ in criminology; towards a phenomenology of subjection.

  • Southern and Postcolonial Approaches to Criminology: reassessing ‘familiar’ criminological themes through postcolonial lenses and/or southern epistemologies; rethinking punishment, victimization and criminalization; race, gender and postcolonial violence; penal power and imperialism.

  • Nationalism, Globalisation, Crime and Justice: criminology and development; border control; privatization and neoliberal trends in penal power; translations and transplantations of penal practices.

  • Decolonizing Criminology: how to use the ‘marginal’ status of criminology to tap into its emancipatory potential; rethinking curricula and research in criminology through subaltern agencies and perspectives.

  1. Submission of papers:

    If you would like to submit a paper proposal, please email with your name and affiliation, along with a title and an extended abstract of no more than 800 words by the 15th March 2020. Submissions should engage directly with the themes of the workshop. Decisions will be communicated to authors by the end of March. We aim to circulate to the workshop participants full papers (i.e. polished drafts of around 7,000 words) by early September. As such, we expect to receive such drafts by the 1st of September, 2020.